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Quality, comprehensive information regarding the theoretical and practical aspects of power plant cooling tower thermal performance is difficult to find in the published literature. Since 1985, John Cooper has shared his specialized expertise with power plant engineers from coast-to-coast in the form of formal one and two-day seminars. For two consecutive years (April 1990 and April 1991), he conducted one-day Short Courses on cooling tower thermal performance at the American Power Conference in Chicago, Illinois as a representative of the Cooling Tower Institute. In 1993 he conducted a three-day Cooling Tower Operations and Maintenance Workshop at the Electric Power Research Institute's Monitoring and Diagnostic Center in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. More recently he conducted a one-day seminar on August 21, 2000 at EPRIís Cooling Tower Seminar and Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

John Cooper's standard seminar format is a balanced blend of theory and practical matters. The first portion of the seminar covers fundamentals, including a discussion of psychrometrics, Merkel Theory and cooling tower thermal analysis. This portion of the seminar also shows how potential problems may be avoided by making decisions based on good engineering judgement, backed by sound mathematical analysis rather than on guesswork or non-objective outside recommendations.

The second portion of the seminar covers practical matters such as testing for evaluation of performance capability and for diagnostic purposes, technical evaluation of designs, and options for improving thermal performance.

John Cooper & Associates, P.A. will custom design a cooling tower seminar or thermal analysis workshop to meet your specific needs and interests.

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