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Thermal Analysis and Computer Modeling of Cooling Tower Performance

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John Cooper & Associates, P.A. routinely provides cooling tower thermal analysis services to the owners of large power plant cooling towers. In order to provide utility clients with a totally unrestricted view of the details of the thermal analysis procedures, the calculations are prepared in a detailed step-by-step hand calculation format that shows all of the governing equations and how the fill thermal and pressure drop characteristics are applied. Because cooling tower thermal analysis requires an iterative solution to a system of non-linear equations, John Cooper, an experienced Fortran '77 programmer, solves the equations using computer models.

JC&A prepares cold water temperature versus wet bulb temperature performance curves and evaporation rate versus wet bulb temperature performance curves for a variety of natural draft or mechanical draft cooling tower heat load conditions. These curves, prepared in Microsoft Excel format, are generated by computer models that can be based on theoretical cooling tower performance characteristics or that can be extrapolations from actual field measurements of cooling tower performance.

JC&A also computes annual accrued loss in power plant Mw generation resulting from cooling tower thermal performance deficiencies. These analyses are accomplished through use of cooling tower performance curves that reflect the “actual” performance of the deficient cooling tower in conjunction with published site-specific meteorological data and the Owner’s turbine-generator backpressure correction curves and condenser performance curves.

John Cooper