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Cooling Tower Inspection Services

Contacting : John Cooper and Associates, P. A.

John Cooper & Associates, P.A. provides cooling tower inspection services on a regular basis to a number of power plant cooling tower owners. In most cases the cooling tower fill system, drift eliminators, water distribution system, and air-moving equipment are inspected over a two or three day period at the beginning of a scheduled unit outage, focusing on anomalous conditions that adversely impact thermal performance. John Cooper’s inspection services normally include the following activities:

  1. Attachment of brightly colored flags on all broken or missing nozzles or other anomalous conditions

  2. Preparation, immediately following the cooling tower inspection, of a plan view drawing (see example drawing below) that shows the location of all anomalous conditions and a punch list of inexpensive cooling tower repairs that can be carried out during the outage, resulting in improvement of cooling tower thermal performance efficiency.

  3. Preparation of a formal Cooling Tower Inspection Report that documents the findings in the cooling tower inspection and provides recommendations for further improving cooling tower performance.

Improve your cooling tower maintenance program with a detailed inspection by John Cooper & Associates, P.A.

John Cooper