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Development of "Cost-Effective" Thermal Performance Upgrade Design Modification Packages

Contacting : John Cooper and Associates, P. A.

As of September 2003, John Cooper & Associates, P.A. has developed thermal upgrade Design Modification Packages for 30 natural draft (ND) towers and two mechanical draft towers at the following power plants:

  • Anclote Plant; Florida Power Corporation (2 MD tower); 1992
  • Arkansas Nuclear One; Entergy Operations, Inc. (1 ND tower); 1992
  • Beaver Valley 2; Duquesne Light Company (1 ND tower); 1998
  • Bruce Mansfield Plant Units 1 and 2; Pennsylvania Power Company (2 ND towers); 1996
  • Bruce Mansfield Plant Units 3; FirstEnergy Corporation (1 ND towers); 2001
  • Callaway Nuclear Station; Union Electric Company (1 ND tower); 1993
  • Crystal River 4&5; Florida Power Corporation (2 ND towers); 1998
  • Harris Nuclear Plant; Carolina Power & Light Company (1 ND tower); 1999
  • Homer City 3; EME Homer City Generation LLC (1 ND tower); 2001

  • Hope Creek Nuclear Station; Public Service Electric & Gas Co. (1 ND tower); 2000
  • Independence Station; Entergy Operations, Inc. (2 ND towers); 1993
  • Keystone 2-B; GPU Genco (1 ND tower); 1998
  • Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station; Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. (1 ND tower); 1994
  • Perry Nuclear Plant; Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. (1 ND tower); 1998
  • Pleasants Station; Allegheny Power (2 ND towers); 1998
  • Scherer Station; Georgia Power Company (4 ND towers); 1999

  • Susquehanna Nuclear Station; Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. (2 ND towers); 1995
  • Vogtle Nuclear Station; Georgia Power Company (2 ND towers); 1995
  • Watts Bar Nuclear Station; Tennessee Valley Authority (1 ND tower); 1996
  • White Bluff Station; Entergy Operations, Inc. (2 ND towers); 1993
  • Zimmer Generating Station; Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company (1 ND); 1995

In most of the above cooling tower upgrade projects, John Cooper & Associates, P.A.:

A.      Prepared Color-Coded Exit Air Temperature and Velocity Mappings to isolate sources of thermal performance  deficiency.

B.       Developed a computer model of the hydraulic performance of the entire cooling tower water distribution system. The computer model was used as a design tool for optimization of the water distribution system.

C.      Prepared detailed engineering drawings that defined the modifications to the cooling tower fill and water distribution systems.

D.      Prepared a complete Bill Of Materials for the Upgrade Design Modification Package.

E.      Documented all of the above in one or more bound Formal Upgrade Design Reports that provided detailed instructions regarding implementation of the Design Modification package.

For more detailed information see Status Of Thermal Upgrade Projects.

John Cooper