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5/13/99: The Secret Science

Applied cooling tower thermodynamics is a secret science. One cannot acquire, from any institution of higher learning, the empirical information required to predict the thermal performance of giant power plant cooling towers. The few corporate entities in the world that do possess the "secrets" of giant cooling tower design, guard this information very carefully. How, then, does one become a thermal and hydraulic design engineer of cooling towers that are large enough to enclose a football stadium? One becomes a holder of the "secrets" of cooling tower thermal design, not as a result of any focused effort or intention, but rather, I am convinced, as a result of a chance quirk of fate

....And so it was with me. In May of 1976, as a result of a casual inquiry into the nature of an unusual ad in the St. Petersburg, Florida Times newspaper for a "thermodynamics expert", I found myself in an informal apprenticeship with Germany’s most experienced cooling tower thermal and hydraulic engineers. My nine year association with the engineers of Balcke Dürr Aktiengesellschaft in Ratingen, Germany was both enjoyable and enlightening.

The year 1998 was a very good year for John Cooper & Associates, P.A.. In 1998, we performed exit air mappings for 12 power plant cooling towers, developed Upgrade Design Modification packages for 6 natural draft cooling towers, and provided bid specification document preparation and bid evaluation services for a cooling tower re-pack project in a major U.S. combined cycle plant. Having served the cooling tower performance upgrade needs of the U.S. power generation industry now for 8 years under the Corporate name, John Cooper & Associates, P.A., I wish to acknowledge, by name, the following German engineers that taught me the secret science of applied cooling tower thermodynamics:

Herr Franz-Josef Ernst
Herr Herbert Henning
Herr Knut Menzel
Herr Walter Tesche
Herr Vladimir Vodicka (actually Czechoslovakian)


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